About Eureka

Eureka! Archimedes shouted when he hit on a method to discern the purity of gold. We jubilantly exclaimed when our first design materialised and took shape into a sink that was more than just a sink, it was an innovation- of the standard no less than that of gold. That Eureka moment- the feeling, the inspiration, the excitement never sank! A decision was then taken to christen the venture as ‘Eureka’ to reminisce the breakthrough and firmly etch it into memory forever.
First impression is perennial, they say.
But this surely was not to be the last one. Motivated manifold, team Eureka geared up to scale the everest of sink designing and manufacturing. Obstacles and challenges played their part and pepped up the roller coaster ride.

Committed to the cause of luxuriating kitchen spaces, Eureka has reached a point where some of the finest masterpieces are being rolled out, each one reflecting precision and perfection.

In a world where there’s no paucity of self-proclaimed brands, Eureka stands out with its rich collection and wide range, carving a distinct niche. Meticulous design and high quality standard is the only binary we understand.

Come, sink down into a world of exquisite kitchen sinks that’ll make you go wow!